Dew/Boyz Kennel



(his sire is Sundown Mark Vs King / Dam is Guthries Jammin Jenny)


Where rabbithunting is not a passion, but an obsession.

 My name is Darren Dew, I am married to my wife Amy, and have two sons Kayden and Slade. I live in Southeast Ohio (Crooksville). I have been around beagles and hunting my whole life. Starting off with one old male dog I called buck, me and him were the best of buds and we hunted constantly together. He died when he was almost 16 yrs of old age, he was just a grade dog but he was the best, he will always have a place in my heart. R.I.P. Now I have 6 older ones and 3 pups. All of them are either UKC or AKC registered. There is nothing greater than going out listening to the hounds, burning a track up. Or listening to your pup for the first time opening up on track. I have done some field trialing, but mostly gun hunt, or just go out to run the hounds. Mostly have Turbo bloodline in my kennel, but also have Ace in the hole. And newly added a great bloodline to my kennel FC ABSHIRES-LEVEE-ROAD-TCB-JUNE, SCROGRAMS-KATIE. Also adding some RANGER DAN to the kennel also. 

I also would like to add our old girl BIFFY LEANN DEW, she just passed away on us here 9/03/11 suddenly. She was a big part of our family, she was 15 years old and she will be greatly missed around here. R.I.P. my little choppy girls.